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Rehab Probiotic Face Masque

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We all want healthier skin.

A build up of bad bacteria in your skin can lead to break outs, premature aging and dryness.

Rehab Probiotic Masque combines probiotics (good bacteria) with peptide technology and natural botanicals to provide anti-aging protection and deep hydration that lasts for up to 72 hours.Good bacteria will reduce acne, reduce inflammation and treat rosacea.  Used in combination with Renew Anti-aging Peptide Serum your skin will feel soft, smooth and hydrated all year round. This is an ideal product for those with any inflammatory conditions or those that want healthier, more hydrated skin.

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Probiotics have been used for years to balance gut health.

Now you can balance the good and bad bacteria on your face too.  With Lactobacillus good bacteria our REHAB masque will rest your facial flora for your healthiest skin.

The four hero ingredients are

  • ProRenew Complex – Made from Lactobacillus lactis. This stimulates the skin’s renewal process.  It accelerates the recovery of the skin’s barrier function against environmental stress and aging.
  • EcoSkin – a Probiotic complex made from Lactobacillus bacteria.  It optimises the cutaneous ecoflora strengthening biological defences and improving skin structure
  • MariMoist – Hydrates and softens the skin
  • Pentavitin – shown to provide 72 hours of enhanced hydration



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